Generative Learning Objects (GLOs)

A Generative Learning Object (GLO) is any digital learning object that can be customised, adapted, edited or recombined for specific teaching and learning purposes. GLOs were originally developed at London Metropolitan University and have been used across a range of disciplines. You can see some samples here and here. The GLO Maker website includes further information, guidelines and you can also download the programme for making your own GLOs.

A number of History-related GLOs have been made (some of which could be used as models for Xerte learning objects), including:

Multiple Meanings: the Swastika Symbol

The swastika is an ancient symbol that has been used for over 3,000 years. Historians disagree on the birthplace and purpose of the Swastika. Commonly the origin is thought to be in Mesopotamia, and from this country it spread to many other cultures. Examine the evidence from multiple countries in order to establish your own opinion.

Rylands Greek papyrus 12

This tutorial is designed to explore a variety of interpretations of a single artefact from three different disciplinary perspectives (History, Papyrology – study of papyrus documents, and Museum Studies). It is intended to promote reflection on what physical objects can tell us about the past, and an appreciation of the insights about the item and its wider historical context by considering an object from more than one disciplinary perspective.

Pulcheria’s Coin

Using a coin from the Manchester Museum, this GLO introduces students to the study of material culture from a variety of disciplinary perspectives and encourages students to consider the impact of a multidisciplinary approach.

Follow the link for a GLO-related project at the University of Manchester, Greek and Latin papyri as generative learning objects (2008-2010).

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  2. Very interesting. I hadn’t thought of doing this with Xerte but it seems a great idea. We are using XOT with 3rd year students but want to introduce it earlier and in smaller chunks. Providing a GLO is the perfect solution. Thanks for the idea. Bob.

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