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This page contains links to online sources of support in your use of Xerte.

Xerte troubleshooting: what if I encounter any problems using Xerte?

The following procedure should enable you to overcome any difficulties that you may encounter when using Xerte:

1. Check that you are using Chrome, the recommended browser for Xerte; if not, move over to Chrome (details and download from here if it is not installed on your PC/ laptop).

2. Is a pop-up blocker on your Chrome browser causing problems. If so, turn it off following the guidance here.

3. Log out, close down your browser and log back in again – has the problem rectified itself?

4. Look at the Xerte object that contains advice on the different page types and common problems associated with them (you can see it here) – follow any procedures laid down in the relevant page guidance.

5. Use a search engine such as Google to search for the problem and any solutions that other users of Xerte have encountered and solved (you will be surprised about how much advice about Xerte is already on the web).

6. Consult the archives of the Xerte mailing lists for teachers and developers; if they don’t have a solution, consider sending a message to the lists yourself.

7. Communicate with the other members of your group (if you are working collaboratively) or other students on the module – are they having the same problem? Have they found a way around them?

8. Contact the lecturer on your module if this problem persists. It it possible that it is a technical problem beyond your and their control that they will need to check out.

Xerte guidelines

Xerte case studies

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