Project team

Erin Bell

Erin is a senior lecturer whose teaching focuses on early modern history and on representations of the past, and in both cases the assessments for the modules she co-ordinates are strongly built around student as producer – specifically, the student as producer of their own historical research and analyses. Erin places a large amount of learning material on Blackboard for all of her modules and provides links to a variety of e-resources, in order, alongside other methods, to encourage students to move from a lecture-led model of learning towards self-directed and, where appropriate, self-devised modes of assessment. [more]

Kate Hill

Kate is a Fellow of the HEA and has been teaching at the University of Lincoln and its predecessors since 1995.She has developed interdisciplinary and student-centred modules, and has also helped to design undergraduate and postgraduate programmes which build the independence of students, e.g. through project- and portfolio-based approaches. [more]

Joanna Huntington

Joanna is a senior lecturer who specialises in medieval history. She has a strongly student-centred approach to teaching and learning and uses Blackboard extensively in her modules. She will convene the Research skills in Medieval Studies next year and envisages using this as a test case for applying Xerte to support undergraduate dissertations. This work will be used as evidence to support an application for a HEA fellowship. [more]

Antonella Luizzo Scorpo

Antonella is an Academic Associate of the HEA, has co-authored pedagogic publications and organised workshops and conference papers on the teaching of History in Higher Education. She is actively involved in the development of e-learning projects aimed at enhancing the students’ learning experience in medieval studies at Lincoln at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. [more]

Jamie Wood

I am a Fellow and Academic Associate of the HEA and have worked extensively on educational development projects since 2006, first at the Centre for Excellence in Enquiry-Based Learning (CEEBL, University of Manchester), then the Centre for Inquiry-based Learning in the Arts and Social Sciences (CILASS, University of Sheffield). From 2009 onwards, I have participated in a range of research and teaching roles at the Universities of Manchester, Warwick, Liverpool and Lincoln. In the role at CILASS I was responsible for supporting up to 50 curriculum development projects across the Arts and Social Sciences at any one time, including advising on appropriate pedagogies and technologies, and evaluating and disseminating the learning from projects. I was also responsible for putting together the learning design case studies which formed part of the final output of each project and which were designed to facilitate transferral of practice within and across disciplines ( A summary of my education, digital literacy and e-learning activities and publications can be found on my profile ( [more]

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