Resources and support

Support and equipment

We have integrated paid student ambassadors into the development of the Making Digital History project from the start. They have helped to run workshops with staff and students, to develop resources and to disseminate the project. Some details of who has worked as an ambassador and some of their activities can be found here. The School of Humanities has also provided us with a number of very useful pieces of kit, which students and staff working on digital history projects can loan via Media loans in the MHT Building (information on the equipment that is available and how to loan it can be found here).

Online resources for teaching and learning in History

The resource lists below were collated using the social bookmarking services, Diigo and! and are intended to help staff teaching and student learning in History. If you have any additional resources you would like to see uploaded to these accounts and shared with your fellow historians or if you have any feedback on existing resources, please contact us. You can also follow up on twitter @MakDigHist and see which resources we’re uploading and retweeting there.

Resources (!)


Resources (Diigo)

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