Reading online: the double-edged sword

In the next post as part of the Active Online Reading project, Anna Rich-Abad (staff profile here), Assistant Professor in Medieval History, University of Nottingham, offers her perspective on the challenges of reading (and searching online). I miss the “good old times” when research was done on physical documents and books; visits to libraries andContinue reading Reading online: the double-edged sword! …is Making Digital History…! is an online platform that allows you to create virtual ‘magazines.’ That is, it allows you to collate a bunch of different websites online and draw them together onto a centralized, stylish webpage on the! platform – and they call this a ‘magazine’. You’re not so much a writer or a publisher onContinue reading! …is Making Digital History…

Neo-classicism in the HE classroom, 13th June 2013

I attended a really excellent HEA event at the University of Roehampton last week, Neo-classicism in the HE classroom, on the reception of classical culture in eighteenth century England. Dr Alannah Tomkins, of Keele University, ran a really useful workshop on how we can use the search functions of databases such as Gale’s 17th andContinue reading Neo-classicism in the HE classroom, 13th June 2013