This project was completed by Samantha Sharman, a second-year Classical Studies student in the summer of 2022. Samantha worked with Talis to investigate how students make use of online library reading lists, including Talis’s own Aspire product.

She conducted focus groups with students from across the UK higher education sector and ran a survey, presenting the results of her work at a number of events, including at a Talis webinar and at the prestigious international Charleston Libraries conference. She also participated in a series of podcasts, Understanding the Undergraduate Workflow, for the Authority File in September 2022, including on:

In addition, the work was presented at the University of Lincoln’s Digital Education conference in March 2023 in a talk entitled ‘Student perspectives on reading in a digital world‘.

Samantha and Jamie Wood contributed to Technology from Sage’s Insight 2023 – LIVE event in Birmingham on 27th April, discussing the new TfS Librarian Futures report with Matthew Weldon, EdTech Success Consultant, Technology from Sage. The session was entitled “The Knowledge Gap Between Librarians and Students” and you can see a recording of it here: 

Day 2 Matthew Weldon, Sam Sharman, Jamie Wood – The Knowledge Gap Between Librarians and Students

If you’d like to find out more about this project, Samantha wrote up her experiences in a blog post here.