As part of the Active Online Reading project, we are curating a range of pedagogic resources from colleagues. Many will be from History and allied disciplines, but we welcome contributions from all subjects. As the project progresses, we will add to the list below.

Lucinda Matthews-Jones (Liverpool John Moores University)

Lucie has shared a number of resources that she uses to engage her History students in reading critically and thoughtfully.

  • Reading Audit: for encouraging students to track their reading practices across a term or semester, in the process learning about how they read.
  • Reading Template: to support students in working in a structured way through their weekly reading.
  • Reading Secondary Sources: a series of questions to guide students when reading a secondary source (both individually and collectively).
  • Reflections on Reading: some questions to encourage students to reflect on their reading and note-taking practice.

You can find out more about Lucie’s teaching at her website here. If you make use of Lucie’s resources, please do contact her directly on Twitter or via her LJMU email address.