As the project progresses, the definitions below will no doubt evolve, but the following represent our working definitions of some key terms at the start of the project. Active Online Reading encompasses elements of:

  • Online Leaning: learning that is conducted and/or materials that are delivered via online or mobile technologies. An example would be watching a recording of a lecture or sharing your thoughts with your fellow students on a discussion board.
  • Online Reading: reading that takes place in an online space while the reader is connected to the internet. Such reading may take place synchronously or asynchronously. (This is distinct from DigitalReading which refers to reading an electronic text whether online or off-line; similarly, it is distinct from Digital Literacy, the process of finding and evaluating sources online). An example would be reading an article via your university library’s website.
  • Active Reading: the practice of deep engagement with a text using techniques of annotating, responding, questioning, summarising, and sharing. An example would be reading an academic article and making notes on it with a fellow student in a shared document.