Talis Elevate is a tool that enables students to annotate resources (documents, images, audio and videos, etc.), both individually and collaboratively. These annotations can be shared or kept as private notes. They have proven a powerful driver of student engagement and learning in History at Lincoln, as is made clear in the resources below.

Materials on the use of Talis Elevate in History & Heritage at the University of Lincoln and beyond:


Leah Warriner-Wood- University of Lincoln- 2020 – Talis Education (2020)

Hope Williard- 2020 – Talis Education

Supporting active and collaborative learning in History at the University of Lincoln through Talis Elevate Jamie Wood, Principal Lecturer and Director of Teaching and Learning, School of History and Heritage, University of Lincoln – Talis Education (2019)

Dr Jamie Wood, University of Lincoln – Talis Education (2019)