Approaches that encourage students to engage actively in open inquiries (with appropriate scaffolding) over which they have a degree of control have been shown to have a powerful impact on learning. These can range from small-scale acts of digital making, as in the case of the Making Digital History project, to research projects and dissertations, as with the Teaching History module.

Over the years, a number of other student-led projects have made investigated the digital teaching and learning or have made active use of digital tools in their research. For example:

  • J. Copson and H. Groves, Supporting disabled students during Covid – a student-led research project (supported by College of Arts, University of Lincoln, 2021)
  • A. Mansell, Invisible Agents: Networks of Learning in Late Antiquity (supported by Undergraduate Research Opportunities Scheme [UROS], University of Lincoln, 2021) (see also this blog post: ‘What’s in a name?‘)