Twittering Students – Using Twitter in Teaching Literature

I have been experimenting with using Twitter in my teaching this term at the University of Lincoln, on two separate American studies modules, level one and two respectively. The way this worked was relatively straightforward: I set up individual Twitter accounts for each module and requested that students follow the module account on their alreadyContinue reading Twittering Students – Using Twitter in Teaching Literature

Using YouTube to teach ancient identities

What do modern Goths have to do with ancient and medieval ones? In the Autumn semester last year, the students on my third year module in History at the University of Lincoln, The Goths: Barbarians through History?, took a closer look at this question. In the first half of the module we looked at the GothsContinue reading Using YouTube to teach ancient identities

Teaching about identity in the ancient world using YouTube

For more on this see the post I just made on the Changing Romans blog: GOTHS, ANCIENT AND MODERN. Jamie! …is Making Digital History…! is an online platform that allows you to create virtual ‘magazines.’ That is, it allows you to collate a bunch of different websites online and draw them together onto a centralized, stylish webpage on the! platform – and they call this a ‘magazine’. You’re not so much a writer or a publisher onContinue reading! …is Making Digital History…

T&L project launched

Earlier in September, I took a (long) trip down to Brighton for a meeting at the University of Sussex about a collaborative project called T&L (tagging and learning): Developing digital literacy through social bookmarking between Sussex, Hertfordshire and Lincoln on the use of social bookmarking in Humanities teaching. The project team, Carolyn Pegg, from Hertfordshire,Continue reading T&L project launched