The teaching knights of the round table…at Leeds

On 1st July 2013 I joined the thought-provoking round table discussion on “Teaching Pleasure in the Middle Ages” at the Twentieth International Medieval Congress, which took place in Leeds. The panel was excellently organized and chaired by Dr Kimm Curran (History Lab Plus, Institute of Historical Research, supported by Dr Jason T. RocheContinue reading The teaching knights of the round table…at Leeds! – curate history on the web! is a platform that allows you to collect websites, especially social media websites, in one place and save/ share them. It also helps you to find relevant information and is easily searchable.I’ve had a bit of a play with it and it looks great – easy to use, share and embed in a blog,Continue reading! – curate history on the web

My first Xerte!

I made my first Xerte learning object in advance of the first meeting out the Making Digital History project team earlier this week. It proved relatively easy to set up and then play around with the Xerte tool, although there were some problems with inserting and displaying images and the exact layout of some slides.Continue reading My first Xerte!

Making Digital History’s weekly links (weekly)

ThingLink ThingLink is an excellent way of creating and sharing rich images (i.e. images marked up with links, videos, comments and other interactive features). ThingLink helps you to tell stories with and about pictures. These can be shared with friends and colleagues. It seems like an excellent way of teaching students using marked up imagesContinue reading Making Digital History’s weekly links (weekly)

thinglink: an online tool for developing visual literacy

I was introduced to thinglink, an online tool for marking up images at a HEA workshop, Changing the Learning Landscapes – Social Media in the Humanities, in London in mid-May [here’s my own presentation]. thinglink is a tool that allows users to add tags to images that have been uploaded online. These tags can beContinue reading thinglink: an online tool for developing visual literacy