Earlier in September, I took a (long) trip down to Brighton for a meeting at the University of Sussex about a collaborative project called T&L (tagging and learning): Developing digital literacy through social bookmarking between Sussex, Hertfordshire and Lincoln on the use of social bookmarking in Humanities teaching. The project team, Carolyn Pegg, from Hertfordshire, Silvia Taylor, from Sussex, and myself, from Lincoln, aim to use social bookmarking our respective disciplines (Law, Spanish/ Languages, History) in order to develop students’ “digital literacies”.

You may ask: what are digital literacies? Here are a visual representation:

digital literacy wordleThe project is funded by the Higher Education Academy’s Changing the Learning Landscape (CLL) Embedding Learning Technologies Small Grant Call. We developed the project proposal together after meeting at a workshop in London in May and we’ll all be delivering our modules in the second semester and will be meeting again in the Autumn to flesh out out plans.

The project has already been announced at the University of Sussex (see here) but watch this space for more news…

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