Teaching and Learning presentations at Lincoln

The Making Digital History project is funding three speakers to come to the University of Lincoln this autumn to talk about their experiences of using online technologies to teach students in History and other Humanities disciplines. We hope that these talks will generate further discussions around the use of technology to teach History and we’ll be posting more materials on the blog/website around the time of the individual events. The presentations are as follows:

Wednesday 23rd October, 2.00-3.30: Dr Mark Horowitz (History, University of Illinois at Chicago), The ‘Ones’ and ‘Zeroes’ of History: digitalization and learning

In BL1111 (Business and Law)

(introduced by Peter D’Sena, History discipline lead at the Higher Education Academy)


Wednesday 13th November, 4.00-5.15: Dr Matthew Nicholls (Classics, University of Reading), Digital modelling of the ancient Roman world

In MB1010

(see Matthew’s blog Virtual Rome: http://blogs.reading.ac.uk/virtual-rome/)


Wednesday 4th December, 4.00-5.15: Antonio Martínez-Arboleda (Modern Languages and Cultures, University of Leeds): Student-led Digital Oral History

In MB1010

(see Antonio’s profile: http://bit.ly/1fbJ69f)

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