Members of the Active Online Reading project team recently published a short paper on their use of social annotation to develop students’ reading skills. Jamie Wood, Matt East and Hope Williard published the chapter, ‘Social annotation to support students’ online reading skills’ in the volume Designing Courses with Digital Technologies: Insights from Higher Education, edited by Stefan Hrastinski.

Cover of Designing Courses with Digital Technologies volumeYou can read our original abstract here: This chapter explores how online annotation activities can be a powerful driver for developing students’ active reading skills in History. Active reading is defined here as students’ ability to engage purposefully with a text to develop their knowledge and skills. The chapter focuses on two elements: the use that was made of an online resource annotation tool, Talis Elevate, to support student reading activities; and the pedagogic strategies that were adopted across the History program at the University of Lincoln (UK) to promote active reading. Emphasis is placed on the impact of the shift to fully online learning from March to June 2020 as this period witnessed an intensification of usage of the online annotation tool. 

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