Just a quick note to announce the publication of a couple of things. First, the report on the workshop that Michael Wuk and I ran in May, Reading Classics Online, which was published on the Council of University Classics Departments Education blog. Second, I wrote a piece for Times Higher Education on the barriers that students face when reading digital texts and how we might get better at overcoming them – you can read it here. Here’s the first paragraph if you’ve not got enough time to read the whole thing:

Reading digital texts in online platforms poses a series of significant challenges for students and those seeking to engage them with their studies. Pedagogies for teaching digital reading are not well developed and research has only touched the surface of the differences between how people read online and traditional, ‘analogue’ reading. But there are still quite a lot of things that we can do to help students to overcome the barriers they face when engaging with texts online. These can be divided into three areas: how we think about online reading; how we teach it; and how it relates to the overall curriculum that students take.

Online reading (according to my students!)

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