Matt East (@mdleast) has just published an excellent blog with SEDA reporting a recent workshop on transitions in HE at which he led a problem-solving (and identifying) session on reading in HE.

Here is an extract from the conclusion, which summarises some of the key findings from this workshop, which will inform our work on the Active Online Reading project:

“As a sector, it seems like we need to revisit, and reprioritise our support around developing digital reading practice. We need to ensure that we are covering the right skills that are required for good reading practice, rather than assuming there’s a one size fits all approach here. We need to be far more cognizant of the challenges, the barriers, and the anxieties around reading at higher education, and ensure that we are setting our students up to succeed in their reading practice early and as a priority, not ad-hoc and as a bolt on. Whilst digital literacy is being discussed across the sector regularly at present, developing students’ reading practice throughout academic studies still appears to be the exception, not the norm.”

You can read the full post on thesedablog.

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